Care and Repair

Care and Repair

Jan 16, '21

Start the New Year off right by having Floyd & Green inspect the jewelry you love and wear every day!  A problematic prong is a big deal!  You can easily lose a stone if your prongs are loose, worn or bent, and damage isn’t always easy to spot. 

Has the clasp on your favorite necklace or bracelet loosened after years of opening & closing?  You don’t want it to fall off and become lost!  Drop by Floyd & Green anytime and our expert staff will evaluate your jewelry for free.  Then you can be confident the jewelry you love is safe to wear anytime you wish.    

In addition, consider scheduling an appointment to look at ways Floyd & Green can update pieces you don’t wear often or trade them in for something you will enjoy adding to your collection.  Our talented designers can remount, restyle or modify your piece.  All consultations and trade-in estimates are free so don’t put this off!

Use our in-store appointment button on FLOYDANDGREEN.COM to schedule an appointment with any of our staff members or stop by anytime. Since 1992, Floyd & Green has maintained the highest care & repair standards in the industry and is committed to excellence in design, materials and craftsmanship.

Happy New Year!  We look forward to helping you preserve the beauty of your jewelry for years to come!

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