Morgan Leigh's Formula for Mixing Metals

Morgan Leigh's Formula for Mixing Metals

Feb 22, '21

Mixing metals allows you to customize your look and increase the wearability of your pieces.  While there’s not a formula for how to mix metals, the best way to start is to add two-tone pieces to your jewelry collection.

 Once you have a variety of metals, add different silhouettes and details, something black for contrast or a pop of color for brightness.  Then you can easily style any look you want from delicate to bold, subdued to striking.  Mixing metals can take your look from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of minutes and really maximize your rotation of pieces.

 Here are Morgan Leigh’s suggestions on how to start styling mixed metals and creating a look that is stunning and very wearable.

 Her Bracelet Stack:



 Morgan Leigh’s Ring Pairings:


 How Morgan Leigh Layers Necklaces:

  • I have three dainty yellow gold necklaces that I layer and wear everyday (variety of choices at Floyd & Green).



Book a one-on-one appointment with a Floyd & Green associate and let us help you add to and style your mixed metals looks, and maximize your jewelry collection.

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