Floyd and Green has prided itself on being the premier bridal destination in Aiken.
Thousands of happy couples from all over the globe have purchased their engagement rings here,
and some have even received theirs for FREE

Our promise was that if it rained one inch or more in Aiken on their wedding day, their ring would be free!
More than a decade later dozens of couples have had their prayers answered. Reimbursement will be in-store credit only.

Your Ring
could be free

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a ring from Floyd & Green or just checking to see if this Pray for Rain promotion could really be true…here’s the deal… *Buy an engagement ring at Floyd & Green and fill out Pray for Rain paperwork.

*If rainfall or snowfall is measured to be an inch or more by the National Weather Service (NWS) on your wedding day, YOU WIN! *

Just ask one of the many of Pray for Rain winning couples why they’re glad they bought their rings at Floyd & Green…

  • Reimbursement will be in store credit only.
  • Excludes sales tax.
  • NWS measures precipitation from 7am on wedding day to 7am the day after.
  • Rain or snow totals are measured at the Aiken County Regional Airport by the NWS.

Recent winning couples

Tyler & Krysten Gleaton
Jun 2019
Weston & Chelsea Gregory
May 2019
Ryan & Austin Hann
May 2019
Lauren & Larry Gore
Sep 2018
Let Winning Couples Tell You About Their Experience
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Past Winning Couples
Caroline & Grant Roberts
Jan 2017
Brandee & Sheldon Poole
Sep 2016
Tammy & Larry Clark
Sep 2016
Wendy & Chase Breeden
May 2016
Anna & Austin Coomes
May 2016
Katie & Fletcher Valentine
May 2016