How to Take (Good) Care of Your Jewelry

How To Take (Good) Care Of Your Jewelry

Jewelry is made to be worn & anything that is worn often will get dirty.  There is no way around that!  Even a diamond, the world’s hardest material, can be damaged if it’s not cared for correctly.

But don’t stress! Just follow these three easy steps to keep your jewelry looking great!

STEP 1: Clean your jewelry properly & regularly

Purchase fine jewelry cleaner & follow directions for use

Avoid exposure to perfumes, lotions, hand sanitizer & household cleaners

OUR TIP: Pick a day each week to clean the pieces you love! Then you won’t have to remember “when was the last time I did that?”

How to Take (Good) Care of Your Jewelry

STEP 2: Safely store the pieces you love

Proper storage between uses or while traveling is essential

Keep jewelry separated to prevent scratches or tangling

To prevent tarnishing, store in tarnish-proof pouches or cloths

OUR TIP: Set up a three-site system, so you always know where your jewelry is (nothing more stressful than trying to find “lost” pieces)

1. Sink-side jewelry holder for quick, convenient storage

2. Jewelry box #1 for storing pieces you wear frequently

3. Jewelry box #2 for pieces you wear less & for securing heirlooms

How to Take (Good) Care of Your Jewelry

STEP 3: Have your favorite pieces evaluated annually by a jewelry professional

This will prevent loss of stones or a piece of jewelry (clasps wear out too!)

OUR TIP: Every year on your anniversary, have your engagement ring & wedding band evaluated. On your birthday, have your other favorite pieces cleaned & serviced!

With proper care, you can wear the jewelry you love often & preserve its beauty.  Visit Floyd & Green Fine Jewelers for all your jewelry cleaning and repair needs. We have an In-store Service Center that is ready to handle your cleaning, evaluation & repair requests.