Erica's Favorite Gift Idea from Floyd and Green Jewelers

December 7th, 2021

Special Guest Blogger: Erica Cochran, Floyd & Green Sales Associate

My favorite gift from Floyd & Green is my John Hardy Bamboo Endless Hoops.  I’ve had them for more than five years and I get compliments on them every time I wear them---which is very often!

They look just as beautiful with my hair down and wavy as they do with it thrown into a “no-time-to-get-fixed-up” messy ponytail.  They instantly make me feel good!  I think their beauty comes from the combination of their ornate design and the timeless simplicity of the sterling silver they feature.

You can laugh…but I can truly imagine the Balinese craftspeople creating these hoops, in absolutely no hurry, more concerned with artistry than with speed.  I like knowing someone put their heart and skill into making these earrings!

John Hardy creates its designs in a very un-modern way---beginning with a rendering, then a detailed watercolor, followed by old-world wax carvings and then castings in precious metals.  The pieces are born from a dedication to heritage, produced through communal chain-weaving, hand hammering and other ancient techniques.  John Hardy also gives back, so every time you purchase a piece from the Bamboo Collection, they plant bamboo seedlings in Bali on your behalf. How awesome is that?

This commitment to community is another reason why I love my John Hardy Bamboo Endless Hoops so much and why I recommend a variety of John Hardy hoop styles to my customers---I feel good about how they are made and who makes them!

So stop by Floyd & Green and try on a pair of John Hardy hoops. I can pretty much bet you’ll fall in love with a pair just like I did!

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