4th Annual Floyd & Green Gem Hunt

November 19th, 2020

4th Annual Floyd & Green Gem Hunt

Not everything is cancelled folks!  The 4th Annual Floyd & Green Gem Hunt is on and we’re kicking it off with the first clue on Saturday, November 21st.

So grab your family and your sense of adventure and get ready for a scavenger hunt that is not only fun, but also benefits charity. What a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season---enjoying the company of those you love and helping those in need at the same time!

For five consecutive Saturdays---from November 21st-December 19th—Floyd & Green will hide a large green gem somewhere around Aiken. Clues will be given through social media in the form of riddles.  The first person to find the gem and bring it to Floyd & Green will receive $250 in store credit and the opportunity to choose a charity to receive $250.  That’s right---if you win you get $250 for having fun with your family, and you get to give $250 to a deserving charity of your choosing!

Last year five charities received $250 each including: Aiken Intermediate School, Special Olympics-SC Area 15, Fayette Pregnancy Resource, FOTAS, Golden Harvest Food Bank and Recovery Road Ministries.

If you haven’t already opted in to receive clues early---do it now.  If you’re in it to win it, that’s an advantage you want to have!  Just email haley@floydandgreen.com and you will get the clues 15 minutes earlier than those who just follow on social media..

Here’s the Clue Schedule so you can start planning to join in the fun:

Clue 1 - Nov 21

Clue 2 - Nov 28

Clue 3 - Dec 5

Clue 4 - Dec 12

Clue 5 - Dec 19

Fun is not cancelled!  Adventure is not cancelled!  The Floyd & Green Gem Hunt is on and its never been a better time to be part of the excitement!