No Fear: Choosing Diamond Jewelry with Confidence

No Fear: Choosing Diamond Jewelry With Confidence

No Fear: Choosing Diamond Jewelry with Confidence!

Let’s take fear out of the diamond selection process.  Shopping for diamond jewelry should be relaxing & FUN (yes, really)! Like a leisurely walk through Hopelands Gardens or a decadent dinner at The Wilcox!

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for---a diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding band, diamond stud earrings or even a diamond pendant--- These three simple steps will help you choose a diamond with confidence.

STEP 1: Select a jeweler you can trust.

This is the most important step—it absolutely keeps you from being duped!

How do you know if your jeweler fits this description? Any store that is certified by The American Gem Society (AGS) is not only required to follow the highest standards in the industry but also to continually educate its staff.  An AGS-certified store has staff with true diamond expertise.  They know the Four C’s and a whole lot more---the best jewelry designers, latest trends, custom design options & available financing.

No Fear: Choosing Diamond Jewelry with Confidence

STEP 2: Set a budget that works for you!

What do you really want to spend?  Figure this out BEFORE you start shopping & then stick to your guns.  Share your budget upfront & then let your jeweler show you the best diamond options in that price range.

And if you decide to upgrade your diamond purchase later, a reputable jeweler will welcome diamond jewelry trade ins.

No Fear: Choosing Diamond Jewelry with Confidence

TIP 3: Rely on your eyes

Cut is absolutely the most important of the 4 C’s.  An expertly cut diamond, no matter the size, will have notice-it-from-across-the-room sparkle.  That’s why two diamonds of the same size can look totally different. Poor cut makes a diamond look dull, even if it has a high color & clarity grade.

From the smallest to the largest stone, diamonds cut to exacting standards will turn heads, especially in candlelight. That’s what you want---what catches your eye will grab her attention too!

We hope these three steps uncomplicate your journey to the perfect diamond.  Floyd & Green would love for you to stop in & chat with one of our diamond experts, or Book An Appointment for guaranteed no-wait service!