Jewelry Truly is the Best Heirloom

August 23rd, 2022

Floyd & Green Fine Jewelers specializes in creating custom jewelry that can be worn every day and passed down for generations. We can take what was "yours" and make it uniquely "hers".

Most people want to pass down more than their eye color and sense of humor. They want to pass down their values, and heirlooms their kids will actually want to keep.

Jewelry Truly is the Best Heirloom

Custom jewelry is truly the best heirloom. It connects us to our most treasured moments—from finding our soul mate and the birth of our children to accomplishing a lifelong goal or the celebration of a big milestone. Custom jewelry tells "our story".

And unlike furniture and art, customized jewelry can be re-designed to suit any style and preference.

Your daughter can wear your diamond stud earrings every day, just like you did. She can also easily take your "out-of-date" diamond-dial watch and her grandmother’s engagement ring and have them transformed into a stunning diamond cocktail ring or a gorgeous bangle. The possibilities are endless.

Jewelry Truly is the Best Heirloom

From traditional to modern, our jewelers are trained to utilize the most recent jewelry technology, like computer aided design (CAD), so pieces are expertly crafted and made to last.

Maybe you want to redesign a piece before you pass it down? Floyd & Green offers free evaluations and upfront quotes on all custom design projects. Let us "wow" you with what we can do with what you already own. Simply contact one of our custom jewelry experts today to get the process started.